Every day we hear public servants and elected officials pat themselves on the back for spending taxpayers money on a new way to virtue signal about improving the position of one group of people over another – none more so than for women. This is a new industry in itself.

The Australian Federal Government’s Office for Women has the primary role of the office is to oversee the disbursement of taxpayers money for the advancement for women’s issues and leadership.

The role of the Office for Women is to also provide policy advice for the needs of men – that being quoted in the video below – “take up more of the unpaid or the caring responsibilities in their homes”. This falls far short of what could be considered reasonable or humane.

This video is from October 2018 where Senator David Leyonhjelm put some questions to Trish Bergin, First Assistant Secretary of the Office for Women, at a Senate Estimates committee. During the 5 minutes of exchange, we can hear another Senator interjecting in the background.

About the video: David Leyonhjelm on the Office for Women / Liberal Domocrats (Australia)

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Another interesting article titled Developing A More Equitable System has been published by AMHF which lists to pyramid scheme of women’s services and policies, and next to nothing for men.


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